The Concept of DevOps is widely accepted and adopted into today’s business world, but automated deployments can often cause problems. In this article, we try to put in perspective the GitOps approach and how it can positively impact modern CI/CD architectures. Written and reviewed by François D'Agostini, Régis Martin, William El Kaim and Amine Eddaifi

According to the latest DORA report on the state of DevOps, most organizations across industries are now implementing DevOps practices. The concept is accepted and widely adopted.

However, its adoption is not without difficulties: only 20% of organizations can be considered ‘elite performers’ in DevOps…

I have been working on several big IT programs over the last years. We are talking here about big, ambitious programs typically run in large corporations

Seeing these program struggle to keep with their initial ambition, and even deliver a fraction of the original value, is common. These programs tend to be very big and very difficult to steer effectively

I would like to focus on one area often heard of within these programs:

We don’t succeed in making things work because people do not talk to each other. They are working on silos.

Actually, I would like to challenge…


This is a quick overview of a project I made in order to learn to develop and craft VR experiences.

The approach taken to build this experience was te be user validated.

In this document, you’ll find the end result in the shape of screenshots and video, but also some explanation of the process that led us to the current experience


Through this document, we will be describing the process of creating a game of the “simon says” type.

The game is a short VR experience that can be played on a mobile device using Google VR

To give an…

François D'Agostini

Chief Enterprise Architect at BCG Platinion. Helping on agile transformations and scaling software development with micro services and frontend expertises

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